Proteus VR brings science activities to augmented reality

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Customizable Labs

Our labs are entirely customizable and you can upload your protocol, choose your products and instruments.


Expertly Developed Pedagogy

A team of educational content experts ensure the quality of the labs as well as compliance with the requirements of the curriculums.


Teacher/Student Collaboration

The platform is designed to offer a teacher mode which allows the teacher to accompany the student in the virtual world.


Performance measurement

The platform integrates a lab journal system allowing the teacher to receive an assessment following the completion of the activities.


Proteus Labs gives students access to a state-of-the-art laboratory or workshop. It also brings learning situations to life in an immersive, interactive and realistic environment. Proteus Labs can be accessed from anywhere, making it perfect for distance learning or isolated students. The multi-person option (coming this spring) makes teacher coaching possible and easy.  

Our activities encourage the development of skills targeted by the curricula of the various disciplines. Certain elements of the content can be modified according to the teacher’s choice. The results obtained are as valid and varied as in the real world. 


How to get started?

For the best experience, we recommend using the Meta Quest VR headsets:

  • Meta Quest 2: Available for $279 on the Meta website or for less than $200 from resellers.
  • Meta Quest 3: Available for $649 on the Meta website.

You can access Proteus Labs by:

  1. Navigating to the subscription page.
  2. Signing up for the 7-day free trial to explore our entire collection of Proteus Labs experiments.  (Activation key will be sent by email)
  3. In your VR headset, type “Proteus Labs” in the search bar of the Meta Quest Store.
  4. Download the application “Proteus Labs”
  5. Open the app and enter your activation key in the main menu.

Augmented reality labs?

Our aim is to give every student and lab worker access to hands-on science experiments, anytime, anywhere and with anyone, via augmented and virtual reality. 

Dive in with a tap

Put on a VR/AR headset, launch the app, and select your preferred lab environment, and be ready to engage in captivating chemistry-based experiments like never before!

Need help?

Reach out to your teacher or a classmate, and voila! They’ll seamlessly join you, offering guidance or contributing to the experiment right by your side!

Real-Time Collaboration

Experience Real-Time Collaboration with Up to 5 Participants, Receive Comprehensive Results and Lab Logs in Excel Format after Each Experiment

Join our Community

Become part of our mission to transform education with augmented reality labs