Our virtual laboratory allows you to offer superior learning (online) activities to your students. Ask us about custom made school activities.

Proteus Labs gives students access to a state-of-the-art laboratory or workshop. It also makes it possible to make concrete learning situations by offering an immersive, interactive, and realistic environment. Proteus Labs can be accessed from anywhere, making it perfect for online teaching or isolated students. The multi-person option makes teacher coaching possible and easy.


Our activities promote the development of the skills targeted by the curriculum of various disciplines. Certain elements of the content can be modified according to the teacher’s choice. The results obtained are as valid and varied as in reality.


A whole new educational reality


Laboratories making it possible to use the latest technologies in real situations, or situations custom made according to your needs.


A team of educational content experts ensure the quality of the laboratories as well as compliance with the requirements of the study programs.

Teacher/student mode

The platform is designed to offer a teacher mode which allows the teacher to accompany the student in the virtual world.


The platform integrates a logbook system allowing the teacher to receive an assessment following the completion of the activities.


Exothermic reaction.

Take advantage of our laboratory environment equipped with the latest technology, such as a real calorimeter to carry out the study of an exothermic reaction. Adjust the parameters according to your requirements, receive the results in the form of an Excel file directly by email, and follow the actions of your student using a logbook. Corresponding to course code CHI-5061,CHI-5062, Chemistry 051-504 from the MEQ program.
Key words: chemical reaction, chemistry laboratory, exothermic reaction, endothermic, reaction.


Studying the pH of a lake.

Come and test the acidity level of a lake in a natural environment. Collect samples and analyze them using our pH meter or by colorimetry. Join your student and teach them the art of dilution. This activity will meet your expectations of offering a real and varied learning situation to your students. Corresponding to course code SCT-4064, ST 055-444, STE 058-404 from the MEQ program.


The effect of pressure on gas.

Go on a scuba diving expedition with your students to study the effects of pressure on gases. Use your results and observations to validate the general gas law. You will be able to decide the quantities of gas used for your experiment and also observe the effects of pressure on liquids. Corresponding to course code CHI-5061, CHI-5062, Chemistry 051-504 from the MEQ program.