Our virtual laboratory activities allow you to offer superior quality and unlimited training to K12 and college students

Proteus Labs gives students access to a state-of-the-art labs or workshop. It also makes learning situations concrete by offering an immersive, interactive and realistic environment. Proteus Labs can be accessed from anywhere making it perfect for distance learning or isolated students. The multi-person option makes teacher coaching possible and easy.


Our activities promote the development of the skills targeted by chemistry electricity courses curriculums. In addition, labs can be customized for different protocols, products, and instruments. The data gathered is scientifically sound and valid for lab reports and official assessments.

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A whole new educational reality

Laboratoires pédagogiques Proteus VR

Labs are entirely customizable and you can upload your protocol, choose your products and instruments.

Pédagogie Proteus VR

A team of educational content experts ensure the quality of the labs as well as compliance with the requirements of the curriculums.

Mode professeur étudiant réalité virtuelle Proteus VR
Mode enseignant/élève

The platform is designed to offer a teacher mode which allows the teacher to accompany the student in the virtual world.

Évaluation éducation Proteus VR

The platform integrates a lab journal system allowing the teacher to receive an assessment following the completion of the activities.



Take advantage of our lab environment equipped with the latest technologies to complete your chemistry experiments. Our wide range of activities and our open laboratory mode allows to cover the subjects of the chemistry course.

Check out the list of our activities for further details.



Test your different electrical circuits in our electricity laboratory. You will be able to build circuits, check the components and their operation thanks to the various measurement tools available.

Currently in co-development with Sherbrooke University.


Other activities

Proteus Labs has developed other activities related to the various high school science course.