Business training

Training your employees in realistic, remote environments is possible thanks to our custom-made training.

Tailor-made training created by Proteus VR allows employees to be trained in advance, before entering the workplace. The training is safe, economical, easily accessible, adaptable, uniform and with unlimited possibilities. It is possible to do the training remotely and in multi-person mode, via a trainer and employee mode.


In addition, the establishment of a secure Microsoft Azure server ensures the confidentiality and security of your data.


The newest way of training your employees


The expertise of the Proteus VR team makes it possible to reproduce workplace situations to minimize the gap between virtual experience and reality.


The developed platform allows you to measure the success and achievements of your employees thanks to our system of evaluation metrics.

Employee/trainer mode

We create multi-person environments allowing coaching or teamwork.


Use of the training is unlimited, you pay only once for the development of it.


Preparing coffee for drive-thru station.

Our collaboration with franchisees of a large restaurant chain has allowed us to build several work environments for this sector. This training allows you to learn how to prepare coffee for the drive-thru. Time is taken into account as well as the quality of order execution.


Mortenson Construction.

This project, carried out in partnership with Mortenson Construction, brings us inside a future building giving us the opportunity to visit it. We have the ability to inspect internal wall components such as piping and identify possible problems. These inspections can be carried out remotely.


Industrial conception.

In this developing project, we explore an industrial environment. It is possible to learn the operation, manipulation, and maintenance of real robots when they are not physically available for training. This project also makes it possible to position robots within an industrial space, optimizing their location and the ergonomics of workstations.