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EXCLAM: Richardson Zéphir will host the show Pixel
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Montreal, April 24, 2023 – EXCLAM announces today that Richardson Zéphir will host Pixel! This great one-of-a-kind show will allow popular comedians to meet in a virtual universe and provide an immersive experience to the public. Jean-Thomas Jobin, Michelle Desrochers and Stéphane Fallu will play on May 17. On May 18, it will be the turn of Korine Côté, Silvi Tourigny and Mélanie Ghanimé to dive into the metaverse. The event, supported by Proteus VR, will take place at the Studio-Cabaret of Espace Saint-Denis from 8 p.m.

Pixel is geared towards experiences made possible through virtual reality. It will bring together an audience in attendance gathered in a multimedia room, but also participants at home.

The guest artists will put on their virtual reality headset, and that’s when their crazy adventures will begin. Giant screens will allow spectators to follow their performances and their adventures live. The remote public will witness the journey of the comedians thanks to multi-camera recording. The evening will be broadcast on YouTube, Facebook and Pluto TV.
Remember that behind EXCLAM is Humor & Innovation, an independent non-profit organization of the GF Management Montreal Group. Its board of directors, chaired by Maka Kotto, is made up exclusively of Quebec professionals who have the mandate to propel talent and culture from here internationally, while promoting and promoting French-speaking humor.

The EXCLAM event will be held in Montreal from May 17 to 20 at Espace St-Denis. Book your tickets now for all shows: exclam.com

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