Proteus VR propelled by Centech!

Great news for Proteus VR, school labs in virtual reality!

Proteus was selected yesterday by Centech to be part of the companies propelled by Centech, during the Centech Grand Evening in Montreal.

Proteus therefore deserves a $10,000 scholarship offered by the National Bank, a $30,000 allowance for professional services, privileged access to the Boréal Ventures investment fund as well as access to financing programs and scholarships. reserved for companies powered by Centech

Proteus VR will also benefit from personalized support from an advisor, an Entrepreneur in Residence and a CFO in Residence at Centech Montreal.

In addition, the company will have access to a dedicated workspace, fully equipped offices, an on-site manufacturing workshop (3D printers, etc.), certain ÉTS laboratories, specialized software, meeting rooms and other Centech facilities.

This is the first foray of the technology and investment community into edtech, and also into virtual reality.

We believe that Proteus has the potential to become the torchbearer in educational virtual reality in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

Proteus VR will also be featured at SXSW EDU in Austin from March 5-9, and will also give workshops on using augmented reality in education at the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) conference in Atlanta from March 22-25. march.

We believe that Quebec can be a spearhead in the use of virtual reality to stimulate young people’s interest in science and overcome the lack of availability of scientific laboratories and we want to be an example to be envied elsewhere in the world.

We believe that science students should have access to a high quality laboratory at all times and in all places, in order to perfect and refine their knowledge of science.


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