Quest 2 is here!

We are among the first to receive the new Quest 2 from Oculus and have already started working with their new features. The Quest 2 (Q2) replaces the Quest 1 (Q1) launched a little over a year ago. The Q1 powered by innovations such as Oculus Insight tracking was already revolutionary. Oculus pushes the boundaries of innovation yet again with the Q2 using the state-of-the-art Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ XR2 platform offering higher AI capacities and 6 GB of RAM. The new display features 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye, the highest resolution display to date. This is 50% more pixels than the first generation Quest. Oculus’ promise with the Q2 is to make the multiplayer experience, app productivity, finger tracking and 360 ° video better than ever.

The new display of the Q2 can support up to 90 Hz compared to 72 Hz for its predecessor. Controller tracking has also been optimized to make them more efficient and quadruple battery life.

The design of the Q2 is 10% lighter than the Q1, thinner making it easier to wear. The IPD has also been improved by allowing you to choose between 3 adjustment options for more comfort. A multitude of accessories are also available to meet the different requirements for the comfort of the device.

We are very excited about this innovation that is the Q2, we can not wait to show you how we have used all the new features, follow us to be the first to know all about our latest developments.


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